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New Day Christian Ministry branches can currently be found in Puerto Rico, 6 African countries and Pakistan. Simply click on the location you would like to visit today. 
Online Bible Study
Online Prayer Ministry
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There is no greater privilege we have been given than the opportunity to live a life that is marked by prayer. God will move heaven and earth when we pray in accordance to his will. Click the picture below to share your prayer requests and pray for the requests that have been shared.
"The Leaders' Corner"
The “Leaders' Corner” is specifically for NDCM leaders.  Whether you need to complete your monthly or yearly report, print off ministry forms, or download NDCM’s core teachings for the branch you lead you will find everything you need in the leaders' corner. Click the picture above to get started.
Uganda Revival
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...  
In 2008 we made our first missionary journey to Africa. The journey marked the start of our first church start, New Day Christian Ministry Mogoko in Kenya and God did a tremendous work in the revival held in Uganda. Click the picture above to learn more about all that took place
New Day's Family Bible Project
Do you have at least one Bible in your home?  The reality for many of the people New Day reaches with the Gospel  do not have a Bible of their own or even one in their home. It is our desire that every NDCM family has at least a family Bible. If you would like to help us make this dream a reality please consider helping us purchase these Bibles today.
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